Hippy Salts

Hippy Salts


The Hippies are entering the realm of sustaiable self care! Our Hippy Salts come in 8oz glass jars. Scented & infused with all natural essential oils while also featuring Himalayan salt that is rich in minerals.


Get a refreshing nights sleep with Refresh Hippy Salt!
A beautiful mix of chamomile, lavender, & sandalwood that will get you ready to climb in bed! With real *dried* chamomile flowers

Renew your joints with Renew Hippy Salt!
A quintessential mix of peppermint, chamomile, & eucalyptus perfect for relieving muscle aches & pains With real *dried* peppermint leaves

Bathe away all your worries with Calm Hippy Salt!
A perfect mix of bergamot, patchouly, orange, & grapefruit to calm the stress of your hard days!


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