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Our New Arrivals Are Here

You asked for more scents & trial sizes! So we made it happen!

Our beloved cleaning products now come in 7 unique scents

  1. Dirty Hippy

  2. Citrusy Hippy

  3. Earth Tones

  4. Hippy Spice

  5. OG Hippy hold the Lavender

  6. OG Hippy

  7. Breath Easy

All cleaning products are also available in mini sizes! Half the size, half the price, same amazing product!



Being a hippy is believing their is good in the world amidst all the chaos, loving with intention, & making peace with what you cannot control. Being an un-average hippy is that but with an extra boost of confidence. Our products say "Hey, I'm trying." Trying to rid the world of unneeded single use plastic, harmful chemicals...etc but were not perfect. Were anything but average.


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